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Produced by Danny Greenspoon.

Recorded at The Canterbury Music Co.

Label: D.C. Jass Music Corp. © 2002


Piano: John Sheard
Keyboards: Gary Breit, John Sheard
Organ: Gary Briet
Guaitars: Bob Pitch, Kevin Breit, Danny Greesnpoon
Bass: Maury Le Foy, Russ Boswell, John Dymond
Electric Mandolin: Keven Briet
Dobro: Danny Greenspoon
Electric Slide Guitar: Kevin Briet
Saxaphone: Perry White
National Steel, Mandolin: Kevin Breit
Trumpet, Flugel Horn: Michael White
Trombone: Steven Donald
Drumbs: Mark Kelso, Mark Mariash
Percussion: Rick Lazar
Violins: Annalee Patapatanikoon, Paul Meyer
Cello: Roman Borys, Kevin Fox
French Horn: Gary Pattison Background vocals: colina Phillips, jackie richardson,
Vivienne Williams, Suzie Vinnick, Andrea Koziol

Design by: Simon Wilkinson

Some of my best Friends are Songs

01 Funny how Time Slips Away 4:21
02 A Song for You 4:22
03 Suzanne 4:27
04 Red Sails on the Sunset 3:42
05 Father and Son 3:47
06 We are One 3:42
07 If I knew Then 4:35
08 M.L.K./ I still haven't found what I'm looking For 7:17
09 Last to Know 2:57
10 You don't Know Me 4:09
11 Home Thought from Abroad 4:01
12 I cannot Stay 3:58

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